The National Action Charter

The National Action Charter, which was endorsed by 98.4% of the Bahraini people, provisions that protect the environment and natural resources in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The following are some articles:

  • Paragraph three of chapter three, entitled “Environment and Wildlife”, says: “Due to increasing pressure on scarce natural resources, the state of Bahrain has been bent upon rationalizing utilization of natural resources, environment- friendly development and public health. In so doing, it takes into account worldwide trends in preventing, and addressing, major environmental problems. This is being done through a national environment protection strategy, taking appropriate legal measures and procedures with a view to reducing pollution from different sources. Other incentives being put in place include: offering facilities to manufacturers to shift to clean production and requiring that Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) be made before a project is launched. Moreover, the State puts in place measure to protect wildlife, particularly different habitats of fauna and flora of which Bahrain is famous. This is being done through developing appropriated plans for land use and coastal zone management and delimitation of a system of sanctuaries such as the Al Areen and Hawar sanctuaries, the latter along with surrounding waters being of a worldwide fame for its rare species of animals and birds.”
  • The sixth clause of chapter three, themed “Public property and natural resources,” says: “Public property is inviolable. It is incumbent upon every citizen to protect the same while public authorities are under duty to take all necessary measures to maintain the same. All natural resources are a property of the State that shall maintain, and put in place best ways and means to utilize, the same.”