The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Constitution of Bahrain includes provisions that guarantee the protection of the environment in order to achieve a balance between the requirements of sustainable development and those for maintaining the environment and natural resources. This is confirmed in the following articles of the Constitution:

  • Article 9 (h): “The State shall take the necessary measures for the protection of the environment and the conservation of wildlife.”
  • Article 11: “All natural wealth and resources are State property. The State shall safeguard them and exploit them properly, while observing the requirements of the security of the State and of the national economy.”
  • Article 9 (g): “The State shall make the necessary arrangements to ensure the exploitation of land suitable for productive farming, and shall strive to raise the standards of farmers. The law lays down how small farmers are to be helped and how they can own their land.”
  • Article 8 (a): “Every citizen is entitled to health care. The State cares for public health, and the State ensures the means of prevention and treatment by establishing a variety of hospitals and healthcare institutions.”