Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain

Major Projects

Preparing a draft law on the environment, and sending it to the Council of Representatives to discuss it and pass it. The law is now in force for 19 years, and requires updating.
Issuance of a new set of environmental legislation in the field of the Ozone Layer protection.
The preparation of a special law on the protection of endangered species endangered in implementation of the Kingdom of Bahrain's obligations under international and regional conventions.

Projects of the Environmental Policies and Planning

Bahrain's Third National Communication.
National Air Quality Strategy.
The National Integrated Waste Management Strategy.

Projects of the Assessment and Control Directorate

Updating the mechanism to assess the environmental impact of projects in line with the requirements of development plans and programs in the Kingdom. The aim is to speed up the assessment process of projects and prepare the guidelines of the strategic development projects, as well as to save time and effort for investors.
Unifying the assessment process and improving its efficiency through focusing on studies related to protecting the environment, minimizing the negative impacts and promoting the positive aspects of projects.
Preparing a list of projects that are subject to the environmental impact assessment mechanism and the projects that are not subject to in order to develop the necessary standards.
Updating the forms of initial assessment of projects.
Preparing an implementation and application mechanism of the Ministerial Edict No. (4) for 2014 on adopting and organizing the work of environmental consulting offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain. These offices are specialized in conducting studies and research related to environment and economy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in particular, the environmental impact assessment studies for projects. The edict aims to activate the control of the work of the environmental consulting offices to ensure to achieve the pre-set objectives, and improve the level of environmental impact assessment studies. The approved consulting firms will be classified into categories, each with specific specialty.
Monitoring the quality of sea water in different areas of the marine environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
A draft law on prevention from radiation.
Measuring the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) which is underway.
A project to raise the capacity of the Kingdom of Bahrain to respond to trans-border radiological and nuclear incidents. The project is underway, and will continue until the end of 2015. It is expected to continue to be implemented during the 2016 and 2017 through a proposed new technical cooperation project presented to the International Atomic Energy Agency and has been approved in principle.
A project to modernize the national action plan for the prevention from radiation and combating radiological and nuclear emergencies in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
A project to raise the capacity of the Kingdom of Bahrain to conduct radiological measurements in environmental samples, which is a proposed project for technical cooperation presented to the International Atomic Energy Agency and has been approved in principle.
A draft National Strategy for phasing out the substances that deplete the Ozone Layer.
A project to set up a Centre to recycle some substances that deplete the Ozone Layer.
Privatizing operations to combat oil spills operations and tasking a specialized company with the matter.
Preparing maps of the areas with environmental sensitivity and ways to protect them when marine pollution occurs.
Management of hazardous liquid waste.
E-waste management.
A study of trace metals in Bahrain's marine sediments, including proposed guidelines for the quality of marine sediments. (under implementation)
A study on levels of pollutants in the tissues of marine organisms: crabs and pearl oysters. (Under implementation)
A study on water quality in the marine environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain, including suggested guidelines for water quality. (Under implementation)
A scientific study on the pressures that ecosystems are exposed to due to wastewater discharges from industrial facilities and wastewater treatment plants. (Under implementation)
Launching two ambient air quality stations to the national air quality network
AQI Mobile Application

Biodiversity Directorate Projects

Preparing the strategic plan for protected areas.
Preparing the national lists of species, varieties and breeds.
Preparing and adopting the strategy and a National Action Plan for Biodiversity.
Maintaining genetic diversity.
The control and monitoring of protected areas programme.
Consolidating the legislative framework for biodiversity.
Assessing the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
A project to prepare the national bio-safety frameworks.
A project to preserve marine turtles and mammals.

Projects of the International Relations and Media Directorate

The International Relations and Media Directorate contributes to the implementation of several environmental programs and events to raise environmental awareness among all segments of society. They include:
  • The celebration of the World Environment Day.
  • Participation in the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS).
  • The celebration of the National Environment Day.
  • The celebration of the World Wetland Day.
  • Marking the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
Launching an awareness campaign e-waste in June 2015, in cooperation with Zain Bahrain. The event featured a competition to collect e-waste among the schools of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The campaign is expected to be completed in June 2016.
Holding a number of lectures and workshops for social centers which are affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development.
Delivering lectures to the various schools in the Kingdom during the 2017/2018 academic year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.
Holding environmental awareness lectures and workshops for various sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain.