One of the most means to help in the management of operations to control oil spills in an active and orderly way is to have a unified centre to lead the process. It should comprise representatives of all the relevant authorities under one roof, while providing all the facilities and services for operations management.

For this reason, the Supreme Council for the Environment established the National Oil Spill Response Command Centre in the fishermen’s harbor in Sitra. The site was selected to facilitate the management and response operations, and ensure easy communication between response teams at the sites and units operating in the centre. It is located on the coast, and is close to many industrial and oil installations, in which the probability of spill incidents increases.

It comprises the representatives of all relevant sides under one roof. The centre is equipped with all means of communication required for operations to combat oil slicks, including telephone lines, fax machines, internet network, and display screens that broadcast live images from the spill site to enable them to be well-informed about the ongoing developments and help them take the right decisions.