Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Monitoring Reclamation & Dredging

Monitoring of Reclamation and Dredging Projects

The Reclamation and Dredging Projects Monitoring program aims to verify the commitment of the projects that are under the licensing mechanism approved by the Supreme Council for the Environment to the environmental requirements contained in the environmental licensing. Through field visits, environmentalist inspectors verify that the projects set up a barrier around the operations’ areas to ensure the non-proliferation of turbidity resulting from reclamation.

Monitoring Coastline Reclamation Activities

The Coastline Reclamation Projects Monitoring Program seeks to verify that there are no unlicensed coastline reclamation works. In this regard, the environmentalist inspectors perform periodic inspection visits to coastlines that may be targeted by reclamation works and follow-up on environment-related complaints in this regard.

Page Last Updated: 04 December 2022