Environmental impact assessment

  • All new development projects and the existing projects -when they are developed- are requested to deliver the data form of the environmental impact assessment before being licensed by the various licensing authorities. A copy of the initial approval from the relevant licensing side should be attached to the application they submit to the SCE. Houses and residential apartment buildings located in the approved list of planned areas are exempted from procedure.
  • The Supreme Council for the Environment decides on whether a report on the environmental impact assessment is needed to be submitted, according to the procedures in force. The SCE may request any data or additional information from the applicant, or any other studies it deems necessary.
  • It is also possible to present the form of the environmental impact assessment of the project and additional information directly to the licensing side which will forward it to the SCE.
  • An environment impact assessment report should be submitted for projects with the specific nature, such as construction, development, renovation, and expansion or otherwise. The EIA report of the project must be submitted licensing in all cases.
  • Applicants must comply with everything requested by the SCE in this regard, as it is the competent authority to grant environmental permits for all projects, whether they are new construction ones or modification or extension of the already licensed ones.
  • Environmental licenses are issued after the completion of the review of the possibility of licensing the project.
  • Licensing authorities should refrain from issuing licenses before making sure that all the necessary decisions regarding the requirements and regulations are implemented.