Asbestos is among the materials that are harmful to human health when the dust or fibers are released into the air and are inhaled or ingested. It may lead to death caused by lung cancer, and this is when the bundles of asbestos are separated, or the spread of this material due to the improper removal operations. The Kingdom of Bahrain prohibits the import of these materials absolutely, whether as raw materials or as manufactured products containing asbestos.

The SCE’s Environmental Assessment and Control Directorate controls the removal of these material in accordance with the Ministerial Edict No.4 of 1999 on licensing the maintenance of equipment and buildings containing asbestos, removing and transferring asbestos and disposing of their residues.

Licensing procedures for a new company to remove asbestos materials:

  • Submitting the application form obtained from the Commercial Registration to the Licensing Department at the Supreme Council for the Environment.
  • The environmental inspector makes a preliminary inspection visit to the company’s site.
  • The applicant should send an e-mail to the Management of Hazardous Chemicals on the e-mail address (, including the following:
    • Submitting a medical certificate stating the eligibility of all employees to work in removing asbestos.
    • Providing personal protection devices and equipment for all workers.
    • Providing central aeration equipment containing high-capacity filters to pull and gather the asbestos dust.
    • Provision of suitable devices for measuring the degree of spread of dusts and asbestos fibers in the workplace and make sure they do not exceed the following limits:
      • Crocidolite and amosite: 0.2 f/ml
      • Chrysotile: 0.5 f/ml
  • Providing suitable barriers and guidance and warning signs.
  • Providing a qualified technician.
  • Providing a special card for the asbestos worker bearing his photo, name and profession and clarifying the date of joining the asbestos job, whether maintenance, transfer, removal or others, along with the date of his medical examination, with the classification of workers, according to their specialization.
  • The SCE’s unit specialist examines the data provided accurately, and the license is prepared if the data are complete.

Asbestos materials removal procedures:

  • Filling in an asbestos removal request and submitting it the SCE’s Hazardous Chemical Materials Directorate 14 days ahead of the removal date.
  • The SCE’s unit’s inspector visits the site, and gives the necessary instructions.
  • The date and time of the removal are given, and the environmental inspector determines the starting point of the removal process.
  • Asbestos materials’ removal is absolutely prohibition without the prior written consent of the SCE’s Environmental Assessment and Control Directorate, and violators will be held legally responsible.