Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Waste Control

The efforts of the Waste Control Directorate at the Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) have been focused on the management of the hazardous waste discharged by the industrial sector and other sectors through ensuring the disposal of wastes in an environmentally safe way, in accordance with the provisions of the national legislation and regional and international agreements, and in consistence with the kingdom’s international commitments regarding environment protection.

Among such efforts:

  • Regulating the management of waste resulting from various health care activities in all nursing, treatment and diagnostic forms including laboratories, research centers, dental treatment, veterinary treatment activities, products and drugs of pharmaceutical factories and warehouses, as stipulated by Ministerial Edict No (1) of 2001 on with respect to Managing Waste Hazardous to Health Care.
  • Regulating the management of hazardous waste, including any solid, semi-solid or liquid matter containing gaseous waste or a group of compounds of waste that may lead to a hazard or potential hazard to public health, environment and wildlife because of their quantity, concentration, physical, chemical or biological properties when they are managed in an environmentally improper manner, as stipulated by Ministerial Edict No.(3) of 2006 with respect to the Management of Hazardous Materials.