Vision, Mission and Objectives


Protecting the environment, conserving living resources and ensuring their sustainable development for future generations.


We are working towards the integrated management of ecosystems and natural resources for sustainable development.


  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Knowledge and Development
  • Initiative and Innovation
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Integrity and Professional Ethics
  • Transparency
  • National Community Action Partnership


  • To create a sustainable environment that ensures the quality of life.
  • To protect, manage and develop environmentally important natural reserves.
  • To promote policies concerning the use of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • To conserve natural resources in general and living resources in particular.


  • To issue policies and legislations concerning the regulation of environmental protection and conservation of environmental resources.
  • To collaborate with other sectors in performing the roles towards the environment.
  • To enhance and improve environmental awareness and culture for all.
  • To control, monitor, probe and regulate environmental components ensuring their protection and conserving environmental resources.
  • To coordinate and cooperate in national efforts contributing to regional and international action in the field of the environment and sustainable development.