Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Vision, Mission and Objectives


“Protecting the environment, maintaining its natural resources and developing it for future generations”


“Working towards the integrated management of eco-systems and natural resources, to achieve sustainable development”


1.   Issue policy and legislation that regulates the protection of the environment and conserves its resources.
2.  Collaborate with other sectors to support their role in environmental responsibility. 
3.  Control, monitor and audit in order to ensure the protection of the environment and maintain the development of its resources.
4.  Enhance and raise environmental awareness and knowledge for all.
5.  Coordinate and cooperate regionally and internationally within the framework of environmental -  related treaties and programs.
6.  Set future environment and sustainable development strategies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and pursue its implementation with the relevant ministries, authorities and institutions. 


·  Efficiency and Productivity
·  Knowledge and Development
·  Initiative and Creativity
·  Quality and Excellence
·  Integrity and Transparency
·  Partnership with Civil Society