Telecommunication Masts

The Supreme Council for the Environment is keen to ensure that the establishment of the telecommunication masts is carried out in a technically appropriate way, commensurate with the technical requirements that must be met when licensing the establishment or operation of these towers. Also, these requirements seek to protect people and the environment from the effects of the uses of wireless telecommunications, or risk the collapse of their facilities.

Procedures to obtain a license for the establishment of telecommunications masts:

  • Submitting a request to set up or install a telecom mast to the relevant municipality.
  • The competent municipal addresses the Supreme Council for the environment in this regard.
  • The Supreme Council for the Environment then sets a date to conduct a visit to inspect site inspection in the presence of the applicant.
  • When the conditions for setting up or installing telecom mats are not met, the relevant municipality and the applicant will be asked to set a new date for the inspection after the requirements are met.
  • If the requirements for setting up or installing telecom mats are met, the license is approved, and the relevant municipality is notified of the result of the inspection.