5 June 2018

Celebrating the 2018 Environmental Day, which falls on the 5th day of June, Bahrain's Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), in cooperation with Lulu Hypermarket, launches an environmental initiative, which aims at minimizing the utilization of non-disintegrable plastic bags.


On this occasion, SCE's Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Mubarak Bin Dainah, emphasized that this cooperation is intended to enhance bilateral cooperation between Government organizations and private companies and firms for the sake of achieving the objective which promote environmental awareness in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


His Excellency pointed out that the initiative on the part of Lulu Hypermarket aims at providing a choice for consumers to utilize non-disintegrable or reusable bags as an alternative for environmentally harmful bags. His Excellency praised this objective initiative, which contributes to protecting the environment in general and the marine habitat in particular. "Such bags remain non-disintegrable for hundreds of yeasr", he said. Dr. Bin Dainah praised the efforts and interest in the social and environmental responsibility on the part of Lulu Hypermarket in many occasions for the Kingdom of Bahrain.


His Excellency the Chief Executive Officer of the Supreme Council for Environment called upon people to essentially overcome the utilization of non-disintegrable plastic materials. He referred to international figures indicating that worldwide, over one million water bottles are bought every minute and over 5 trillion plastic bags every year.


His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Dainah said: The World Environment Day themed "Beat Plastic Pollution" and coincides with he 5th day of the current month of June, has further arisen the need for root solutions to minimize plastic pollution since the fingers reached worldwide is in the increase. Solutions without social partnership and close cooperation on the part of various countries, he said, will not be useful because the volume of pollution worldwide calls for teamwork to promote awareness and to confront such a serious pollution.


His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Dainah said that 50% of the plastic utilized worldwide is single-use only and one-third of the plastic materials in the world lack proper systems of collection after use. "At the end of the day nearly 13 million tons of plastic materials find their way to oceans and sees", Dr. Bin Dainah said. "This is a serious threat to marine organisms and to coral reefs, as some of such plastic materials need up to 1,000 years to disintegrate", he warns.


His Excellency Dr. Bin Dainah emphasized that the SCE realizes the importance of involving individuals, community, the civil society and the private sector in combating the plastic pollution problem. To this end, the Directorate of International Relations and Media at the SCE organizes several and various programs aimed at consumers. "It is the SCE's belief that environmental solution to minimize plastic pollution requires communal effort, environmental awareness and education of the public about the harms of plastic to the environment and to humans. "This call is for us to unite to confront one of the serious environmental challenges in our present time and to ensure that the Kingdom of Bahrain always maintains its position, as a country well known for cleanliness, awareness and sophistication.


On his part, the Lulu Hypermarket Director, Mr. Juzer Rupawala, expressed his satisfaction for the support rendered to the SCE and for assisting the Kingdom of Bahrain in having cleaner and greener environment. "A consumer's adoption of utilizing disintegrable and reusable bags will greatly contribute to a clean environment. We therefore, urge our customers to cooperate with us for a better world", Mr. Rupawals said.