Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Our Efforts to Protect our Environment

The Kingdom of Bahrain is exerting tremendous efforts to protect and preserve the environment and natural resources. Through such endeavors, the Kingdom aims to ensure the sustainability of the development process in many fields. This was embodied in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the National Action Charter (NAC) on which the people of Bahrain reached consensus with a sweeping majority of 98.4%. The Constitution and the NAC guaranteed environment protection through achieving a balance between it and the requirements of economic and social development. The Economic Vision for Bahrain 2030, the National Strategic Master Plan 2030 and the Government Action Plan 2015-2018 did the same. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been committed to those efforts for the sake of protecting the environment and its resources and systems and maintaining biodiversity with which humans share the environment so as to ensure the continuity and sustainability of natural balance, and develop policies and programmers currently implemented by the government.

As a result, the Kingdom of Bahrain has established many institutions, government agencies and committees to devise programmers, policies and strategies to achieve sustainability with its various dimensions. It has also enacted a number of laws and regulations related to achieving sustainable development, which has become an international requirement in the midst of the economic, political and social changes currently witnessed by the International Community. Moreover, the kingdom has jointed many multilateral conventions, and continued honoring its commitments under them, with emphasis on raising public awareness and national capacity-building in environment-related fields.

The Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) is working to maintain the significant strides made by the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fields of economic, social and environmental fields over the past few decades. It is also keen on promoting sustainable development initiatives that are in harmony with ecosystems, and ensuring that the economic growth and development taking place in various fields meets the obligations of the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in the aspects related to the environment and the preservation of its resources. The Council strives to achieve its objectives in the field of environmental protection in several areas affecting the environment and the natural resources sector.