Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Message from the CEO

Let’s Protect Bahrain’s Environment

Dr. Mohamed Mubarak Bin DainaOur efforts at the Supreme Council for Environment are the fruit of the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Personal Representative of His Majesty King of Bahrain, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Environment, requiring the protection of Bahrain’s natural habitat and human environment, the sustainability of its components, and the conservation and development of its resources for future generations.

These efforts reflect SCE’s assiduity in promoting environmental culture, increasing environmental awareness of citizens and residents, consolidating the values of green environment and sustainable development, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly technologies, enhancing community partnership, strengthening the commitment of governmental and non-governmental entities to the necessity of protecting the environment, and expanding the sphere of popular participation in all environmental issues.

We at the SCE are endeavoring to develop a public policy and a national strategy to enrich Bahrain’s environment and protect it against potential hazards. This requires the dedication of necessary capabilities to monitor, regulate and protect the environment, with particular emphasis on the importance of the effective role each entity concerned with the environment plays in protecting the environment without any adverse effects on environmental resources.

In order to safeguard the Kingdom’s environmental balance, the SCE took a number of preventive measures and issued a number of instructions, procedures and resolutions which keep abreast of the most recent regional and international environmental protection conventions, including conventions for the protection of rare birds in the wild against hunting and extinction, and the protection of dolphins, sea turtles and seals.

SCE’s efforts also included the implementation of requisite measures for the control and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste, treatment of garbage dumps, reclamation of polluted lands, treatment of sewage for mixed uses, protection of the marine environment, planting Mangroves along the Kingdom’s coastal line, development of standards for power supply, requirements for green buildings, procedures for the protection of the ozone layer, safe handling of radioactive materials and equipment emitting radioactive rays, treatment of chemicals, and tackling various environmental problems.

The SCE is concerned with providing support for all programs and activities which are geared for future generations, including technologies which benefit the environment, reduce pollution and prevent waste of energy. This is done through training and education programs, development of human resources, use of international experiences for optimal environmental evaluation, providing incentives for all entities to ensure the protection of the environment, and ensuring the necessary involvement of educational and research institutions to harvest the scientific outcomes of all efforts which are expended to prepare generations of researchers capable of keeping abreast of the state of the art in a pollution free environment.

Dr. Mohamed Bin Mubarak Bin Daina

Special Envoy for Climate Affairs
Chief Executive