Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain
Al Areen Wildlife Park

With the urban and civil development in the kingdom, Al Areen Wildlife Park was established in 1976 to preserve the remaining endangered rare Arab animal species. Indeed, Bahrain is a leading country in identifying the threats to wildlife and therefore it established the Al Areen wildlife reserve and park to protect rare animals and provide them with a sanctuary where they can breed. The pioneering project was meant to be a catalyst for other countries to launch similar ones.

The facility comprises two sections: the reserve and the park. The park covers about three square kilometers, and is devoted to preserving and breeding Arabian animals and birds in particular. Collective and individual visits to the park are allowed in the company of qualified guides in tourist buses. Bus tours allow visitors to see a range of animals, including 45 species of mammals as well as 82 different species of birds from the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, North Africa and Asia.

The reserve covers an area of about four square kilometers and is dedicated to preserving and multiplying Arabian animals and birds in particular. Access to this nature reserve is restricted, except for specialists and researchers, veterinarians and the animals’ keepers. The list of protected species includes protected species of mammals such as the Arabian Oryx, mountain goats and Arab Sand gazelle or Reem gazelle, as well as bird species, such as the bustard.